Berry kissel


½ l home-made juice concentrate (e.g. blackcurrant)

½ l water

7 – 9 tbsp potato flour

3 dl frozen berries

  1. Boil the juice concentrate and water in a regular kettle.
  2. Mix the potato flours with 1 dl of cold water until the mixture is smooth.
  3. Take the kettle off the hot-plate.
  4. Combine the potato flour mixture with the hot juice:
    • pour the potato flour mixture into the juice slowly and steadily
    • whisk furiously while pouring
    • you may not need all the potato flour mixture you prepared; stop once the kissel is a tad thick (not liquid, not jam)
  5. Once you’re satisfied with the thickness, hit the kissel with heat: put the kettle back on the hot-plate, and heat until the very first bubble appears. Then take the kettle immediately off the hot-plate (otherwise the kissel will curdle).
  6. Mix the frozen berries in the hot kissel.
  7. Sprinkle the kissel lightly with sugar to avoid stiffening the surface, if you’re not going to serve it immediately.
  8. Serve hot kissel with vanilla ice cream and cooled kissel with whipped cream.

Notice! It is not necessary to put any sugar on the kissel while cooking. Everyone can add sugar according to their own taste in their own bowl.

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